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Sage NL Contra and Reversal


NL Contra and Reversal

NL Contra & Reversal Configuration


On the General tab, the default period for reversal postings may be specified as either:

  • Re-open Original Period
  • Nearest Open Period
  • Current Period
NL Contra Configuration

On the Contra Colours tab, colours may be specified for up to 24 separate contra postings. Standard windows colours may be selected from a drop-down list, or a custom colour may be created by clicking the ‘Custom ...’ button.

NL Contra Configuration Software

NL Reversal Postings


To reverse an entire set of postings of a Nominal Journal, highlight a transaction on the NL Transaction Enquiry form and click the ‘Detail ...’ button to display all individual postings within the journal.


A new button labelled ‘Reversal ...’, circled below, will be available to perform the journal reversal.

NL Reversal Posting Software

NL Reversal Posting Prompts


Clicking the ‘Reversal ...” button will display a confirmation prompt to ensure that reversals are not posted accidentally, and will also enable selection of the accounting period to which the reversal will be posted.


Only Nominal Ledger postings are reversed, leaving sales, purchase and bank transactions intact to preserve the integrity of those ledgers.


Further safety checks prevent unauthorised users re-opening accounting periods and also prevent reversals to any Nominal Accounts not set to allow manual journal entries (such as the Debtors Control Account).

NL Reversal Posting Prompts
NL Contra and Reversal Confirm Prompts
NL Contra and Reversal Software Development

NL Contra Posting


A contra may be posted against an individual nominal posting to, in effect, move a posting to another nominal account or reverse an individual posting. From the NL Transaction Enquiry form, click the ‘Contra ...’ button to display the NL Contra Confirmation screen.

NL Transaction

The Contra Account to which to send the contra posting may be selected, along with a comment. On clicking the ‘Post’ button, a journal will be posted to reverse the selected transaction with the balancing posting sent to the nominated contra account.

NL Contra Enquiry


Nominal transactions to a contra control account may be matched without making further postings. From the new NL Contra Enquiry form, highlight a selection of transactions to group as a contra and click the ‘Match ...’ button, as illustrated below.

NL Contra Enquiry

Matched transactions will automatically be assigned a sequential contra number and highlighted with the contra colour as specified in the Configuration form.

Contra transactions may also be posted directly from this form by clicking the ‘Contra’ button.


An account memo may be added simply by clicking the ‘Add ...’ button to enable easy entry of notes associated with a contra account. Account memos may be fully maintained (amended and deleted) using the normal NL Account memo functionality.


The Contra Enquiry form may be filtered by date to show either all transactions, or matched or unmatched transactions. Using the standard Sage 200 feature, listed transactions may be exported to Excel for further analysis by performing a right mouse-click on the grid.

NL Contra Bespoke Software

Finally, the standard NL Account Enquiry and transaction Enquiry forms may be launched directly from the NL Contra Enquiry screen.

For further information on this and other Roundhouse Add-ons for Sage 200, please contact Roundhouse.

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