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PL Bank Security and Audit Log



We understand that very often in a corporate environment, there are certain actions that require auditors to receive authorisation from at least two people. Within Sage 200, this is relevant to amending supplier bank account details.  This simple add-on module ensures that a second ‘user-unique’ password must be entered prior to saving supplier bank details.


In addition, this Sage 200 Add-on provides an audit trail log of:


  • Changes to customer and supplier account name, telephone number VAT Registration number and up to six analysis codes.
  • Changes to customer credit limits
  • Changes to supplier bank details
  • Orders to be taken off hold


Purchase Ledger Bank Supplier Details

When amending a PL Supplier Account, if any bank details have

been changed a second user will be required to enter their unique

password prior to saving.

(This feature may be disabled if not required)


Audit Log Enquiry

A simple enquiry form, launched from the Sage 200 menu

displays all logged changes, and may be filtered by date,

feature and user.


All of the usual Sage grid features will be

available such as find, sort and export to

Excel, enabling further analysis to be

performed externally.

Audit logging of further features within

Sage 200 may be added on request

(which may be chargeable depending

upon complexity).

For further information on this and other Roundhouse Add-ons for Sage 200, please contact Roundhouse.

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