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Sage 200 SOP Sage Pay Order Import


SOP Sage Pay Order Import

Sage Pay Overview


You have sage pay and Sage 200. So why not get them to talk to each other. If you have a sales administration team who receive sales orders via automated emails from the company's e-commerce site and then key these in to the Sage 200 sales order entry form or the finance team log in to the Sage Pay portal to view on-line payments made on the company's web store and manually post these payments in to the Sage 200 forms then perhaps it's time they considered using the Sage Pay SOP Import for Sage 200 from Roundhouse.


We import payments with basket details directly into Sage 200 from the Sage Pay API and capture the payment details with the sales order. You can also opt to let the add-on create new customers in Sage 200 when the order is imported or use a single sales ledger account.

Detail SOP Display


The form is run from the Sage menu and will check for sage pay transactions which have been created for a date range (since the last transaction was imported to Sage 200 or a pre-set ‘Last Run’ date in the configuration options). Fig. above Sage Pay SOP Order Import


The basket items for each sales order will be verified. The ‘description’ part of the sage pay ‘basket’ field will contain the product code in enclosed in square brackets (e.g. ‘[stockcode] sample description’. The value enclosed in brackets will be used to map to the Sage 200 stock code


The unique Sage Pay Vendor Txn ID will also be set on the Sage 200 Sales Order Analysis Code and will be used to ensure no transactions are imported again. The ‘Record payment with order’ field will be checked.



The sales order lines will be added to the Sage 200 order as ‘standard’ non traceable line items. However if any ‘errors’ have occurred then the details of the invalid line will be added to the order using the ‘default’ product code with the description and price taken from the 3rd party basket item. Once all lines of the order have been read then the program will process the sales order. If one or more stock code was no found in Sage 200, then the sales order will be placed on Hold – so the user may review the imported orders and make any changes.

​Sage Pay SOP Import


Once the sage pay transactions have been imported as Sage 200 SOP sales orders then the user can view/amend the new orders.

sage pay order import link

A new configuration form will be available to specify various options for Sage Pay Import. This form will be available from the Sage 200 menu. The following options will be available

sage pay order import configuration

For further information on this and other Roundhouse Add-ons for Sage 200, please contact Roundhouse.

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