Roundhouse Credit Manager is an easy-to-use enhancement for Sage 200, designed to speed-up the collection of the money owed to your business.

The Credit Manager dashboard is accessed from the normal Sage 200 menu. The use of this single form to manage the process includes one click to add customer memo notes, view memo history, view account and transaction records, quick links to other forms and the automation of sending debtor letter/emails saves time.

Credit Manager

Utilising the ‘Filter’ and search features you can quickly review the aged debt. So, if you wish to find out who promised payment by today, which customers have sales order on hold currently because of credit issues, which customers have unallocated cash on their account (which may therefore be flagging up as a credit issue when none exists) you can pro-actively manage collections.

Credit Manager provide easy actions for most regular and add-on hoc collection management tasks

  • Phone a client, take some notes of the conversation, and perhaps record that they have promised you payment on a given date.
  • Send the same severity of debt chasing email to multiple clients, all in a single process.
  • Review the sales orders in progress for a given client and are going to make a judgement as to whether you put that order on hold given the current credit status
  • Post sales receipts, produce statements, re-print SOP copy invoices (and credit notes), amend an allocation.

Credit Manager provides swift visibility of any issues relating to overdue accounts. Using pre-defined filters, it will significantly reduce the time it takes to deal with overdue debt as well as still having all of the usual Sage grid features such as find, sort and export to Excel.

Finally, and extremely importantly, it is essential that you can share credit control information with your colleagues. We do this in two ways. Firstly, on creating a sales order, a credit status is displayed, indicating whether there is something that could cause of problem with despatch. This is clearly extremely useful for pre-emptive credit control and allows you to discuss the situation with you client.

Credit Manager

In terms of reporting the entire credit control position Credit Manager comes as standard with a set of comprehensive MS Excel worksheets refreshed from the Sage database, that can be distributed to those in the business that need to be aware, irrespective of whether they are a Sage user or not.

Customer overdue aged balances, notes and status can be shared in Sage 200 (or externally) to your directors or account managers. Using data directly from your Sage 200 database, we provide MS Excel reporting. Now one single report can be used instead of running and combining many of the current sage 200 reports.

Credit Manager - Sage

For further information on this and other Roundhouse Add-ons for Sage 200, please contact Roundhouse.